Body sense and mindful movement


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We are all aware of the fact that movement and exercise of any sort has a highly beneficial effect on the physical body, but when you engage in mindful movement there is so much more that takes place on a mental and emotional level.

We are faced with a society that often tends to encourage rigorous, no-mind exercise routines in which we work up a sweat, avoid our personal problems and often ignore what our body is saying. It is very important that the physical practice you use appeals to you, that you enjoy doing the movement with awareness and that you feel enlivened when you do it, but when you deepen your intention and attention you may in fact improve your chances of finding balance in mind, body and spirit.

Often, whilst exercising you may notice physical tightness, pain or emotional pain like sadness or anger. When moving mindfully, noticing your body, you encourage a process of expanding your sense of yourself as being alive in your own body. Whether you dance, run, cycle, swim, practice yoga, pilates or even just do house chores, you can cultivate a habit of moving with self-awareness – become aware of your muscles, joints, posture, balance and your emotions. This will allow you to be in the moment and awaken a sense of joy in movement. By utilising your breath you will encourage a sense of flow. The simple act of breathing into the pain or stiffness, allows the stagnant emotions and physical pain to move. Through mindful movement and breath your entire being will be purified and your agility, mobility, stability, flexibility and strength will improve. As you continue to practice, your pain tolerance will increase, your felt pain will decrease and fold into a clearer, happier, more complete and functional you.

Find your preferred type of movement, allow yourself to do it with mindfulness and watch the magic unfold!

Wishing you all a year filled with mindful moments of motion!! xx

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