Develop core strength through dance


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Develop core strength through dance

Many body movements originate from your core. If you choose dance as your medium of movement, then you will learn how to activate and isolate your core muscles, improving your overall balance, posture, spinal alignment, stability and strength.Your core muscles stabilize your entire body, helping to give you a center of gravity whether you’re at rest or moving your limbs.

Your core forms the “battery centre” of your body. Working your core muscles will naturally alleviate low energy levels, depression and recharge and strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Dancers use their center of gravity to keep their balance as they spin across the floor, but you also draw upon your core strength whenever you walk, sit, exercise or perform any activity.

By improving your core strength you:

  • Alleviate acute and chronic back pain – improving mobility and spinal muscle support.
  • Improve your posture – this naturally enhances your breathing and decreases your risk of disc herniation and degeneration of the vertebrae.
  • Physical movement and stamina – preventing unnecessary muscular and spinal injuries.
  • Develop your ability to balance and develop strength in the lower body.
  • Enhance safer movement on a daily basis. Core engagement allows you to carry groceries and heavy objects without straining the back. With improved muscle control you can easily find your center if you are caught off-balance.

Mindful dancing enhances core development. You develop the ability to tap into your centre of strength and stability. Movement becomes a purposeful experience in which you dance to the rhythm of the music and your own beat without forcing it.

Join us for a dance fitness session that will expand your limitations and strengthen your core without overdoing it.

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