Do what you love and the money will follow


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Alan Cohen

This extract is taken from Discover the Riches Within by Alan Cohen.

“Do what you love and the money will follow.” ~ Marsha Sinetar

“I had a well-paying job, but I couldn’t pay my bills, ” Cindy told me. “I didn’t understand how I could be making so much money and not make ends meet. Then I realized that the only thing I liked about the job was the salary. I did not enjoy going to work, and I daydreamed about all kinds of other things that were more fulfilling to me. Suddenly I realised that my money problems were tied to my levels of integrity and joy. My internal energy was clogged by being in a place I did not love, and so the external current of abundance and energy, represented by my cash flow, was also obstructed. I decided to follow my heart and trust Spirit to take care of me. I quite my job and immediately became happier. I haven’t had a cash-flow problem since then.”

What is happening in our financial world is a reflection of what is happening in your consciousness. If you are in a state of joy, celebration and the awareness that you live in an abundant universe, you will manifest those conditions. If you feel internally plugged up, empty, and under supported, you will see those energies mirrored in your chequebook.

The key to abundance is to get your priorities in order. Prosperity begins with a state of mind, not a bankbook figure. When I began to write, I did so out of joy and delight; making money was not my goal. My readers wanted to tap into that consciousness, and more money flowed to me. Then I generated higher expenses and began to think about what I could do to make more money. Immediately, my creativity jammed up, and the money scene stagnated. Then I remembered how I began; I retraced my steps to my initial motif of writing for fulfilment and service, and the money flow increased. It is a poor idea to make money for money’s sake, and a great idea to ask, “What would I love to do?” and “How can I serve?”

Forget about the bankbook balance, and return to balance with the universe; the bankbook will come along well enough.

Help me remember that all the riches of the universe are within me.

I live from the love and the universe responds instantly and abundantly.



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