Everyone wishes to be happy


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Everyone wishes to be happyThey say you should always notice the signs and messages that come your way. One prominent message that keeps coming up for me is that each and everyone of us wishes to be happy. Each of us form a link in the pool of humanity, so if you look around you, you will see that every other person is striving towards happiness. When you are stuck in a traffic jam you can look around you to realise that you are not the only one that is stuck either:-)

In taking this one step further, you will also realise that each of us have our own way of striving towards this ultimate state of happiness. Some of us think the latest gadget will give us eternal happiness, others are waiting for the perfect partner to fulfil all our needs and some of us think a silent retreat in the middle of nowhere will do the trick. In the end the denominating factor is that we hope that some external source, person or place will do the trick.


The truth is that we can only find this happiness within.

What a tough job – that means facing your own music, becoming quiet and connecting with that divine place that exists within all of us. Well, the next message came as an answer to the first message ~ a teaching from the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These ancient Sanskrit texts form the backbone of Yoga– the science of health that gives you the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

The advise goes as follow:

You should foster an attitude of

1. Friendliness towards those who are happy.

2. Compassion towards those who are suffering.

3. Happiness for those who are successful in life.

4. Non-judgemental watchfulness towards those who do harmful things.

This really gave me something to think about. If we could all foster these attitudes on a daily basis we will really feel much happier. If we deny others happiness and success we take from ourselves and jealousy only drains our energy. If we treat people who are in pain with more cold-heartedness we also contribute to their suffering and our own. Lastly we should treat those who do harm with indifference. It really robs your inner peace when you try to figure out why someone did that bad thing or gossip about you, because the truth is you will never know. Even if you did know, it would have no positive impact one your life.

If we could learn to cherish others the way we would cherish ourselves we would be much happier. Trust that you saw this message at the right time to make the right changes that will lead you closer to feeling at peace 🙂

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