Growing old is not for the faint-hearted!


Sep 11, 2014 Belly dance, Charity, Dancing 0 Comments

In the gallery of photos above, you will see tapping feet, smiling faces and a renewed twinkle in the eye. This set the tone on Friday, September the 5th when I visited the Fairtrees Retirement Village in Durbanville, Cape Town. In celebration of Casual Day, South Africa got a chance to show their solidarity with persons with disabilities. The theme was “Bring out the Bling”.

I had the opportunity to share some happiness with the old souls in the frail care unit. You can find no better place than this, to shed a bit of light and laughter with a few dance steps.

My dearest 88-year old grandmother is one of these special souls. Her favourite sentence is: “Getting old is not for the faint-hearted.” Their world becomes a fast-paced hurricane of confusion and all familiar things become something of the past. These elderly angels are left with family photos and memories of the good old days.

..BUT, turn on the music, and their liveliness returns for a moment. All fears and anxieties seem forgotten and they are enjoying only the moment at hand. Some open their mouths for a first time in days to sing a long!

The experience made me realise that we all have a little inner child that yearns to come out and play when it gets the chance. Our physical bodies are mortal but our hearts and souls are immortal. Don’t ever stop dancing and bouncing to the beat of the music.

Keep shining and bringing out the bling!! Bless their souls. xx

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