Karen Zoid’s biggest wish for South Africa


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Last night I watched a South African talk show called “Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika”. Karen Zoid hosts this show. She has become an important part of the South African music scene. One of her guests, South African musician Francois van Coke, asked her a few questions about her views and this one question popped up:

“What is your biggest wish for South Africa?”

Her response to the question was that she wished that everyone in South Africa would refrain from searching for the differences amongst ourselves. We should look for the similarities amongst ourselves. Irrespective of our race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation (to name but a few), we all have the same needs and longings. We want to be loved, we want our children to be safe and we want to live in peace.

This really hit a button in my heart that said “YES!!” Our egos are forever telling us that we should be scared of other people’s beliefs, opinions and ways. It lives off fear, judgement, prejudice, hate and the constant battle between right and wrong. This battle starts within ourselves!

So my question is: “How can we make this wish come true in South Africa and the world?”

You really just have to be the change you wish to see in the world. The moment we accept ourselves and love ourselves, we will be able to see these qualities in one another. Once we make peace with ourselves, believe in our inner power and acknowledge that we have a very special place in the world…only then can we see these special qualities in others.  We are all connected, therefor this inner change will ripple into the outer world. It is time to find peace in knowing that we are all in search of the goodness in life. Find that goodness within and see the magic unfold.

Trust that you are supported and loved always. If you can do that, then it won’t be hard to see the good in others and look past our differences.

Be your own best friend, then you will have no enemies:-)

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