Maybe not such weird advice after all!


Sep 16, 2014 Inspiration, life , , 0 Comments

I happened to read one of Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspiring articles that really made me think.  She reckons that you spend a lot of your life having people tell you to follow your passion. It is fantastic advice – if you happen to have one that is clear and obvious. But what happens if you don’t have an easily identifiable passion? Hearing the advice and to follow it often leaves you with more frustration than you started with.

“Follow your curiosity,” Gilbert says.

Passion is rare and flaming hot. Every day, you can’t access that. This really made me think of myself. Rarely do I feel passionate every day, but I more often feel curious to learn something new or try something new. It seems to make more sense. Even if we do things with a curious mind and heart and it doesn’t lead us to our passion, we were still curious and open to new ways of being, doing and thinking. That in itself makes life interesting and worth living.

May you follow your curiosity and be open to new experiences!

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