Refill your own cup in the spaces in between


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Refill your cup

Giving and receiving is probably one of the hardest things to balance.

Inhale deeply, hold for longer than feels comfortable – this is what it feels like when you don’t give and hold onto something that you should let go of. Exhale deeply and empty your lungs, hold for longer than feels comfortable – this is what it feels like when you are not open to receiving and taking in what life has to offer.

It is in these pauses between breaths that we find the right balance – the quiet time.

Often we give so much of ourselves to others, forgetting to replenish ourselves.  In neglecting ourselves we end up feeling tired, irritated, resentful and depressed. Everything becomes too much and we feel we need out. When your own cup is full then giving your time, advice and whatever is needed becomes a pleasure and far less draining. Often the best way to recharge your heart and energy is by spending time alone, doing what you love most… dance, draw, paint, play an instrument, meditate, bake, write, take your dog for a walk or gaze at the stars – only you will know what gives you that “happy” feeling.

By making time for yourself and hanging the “do not disturb” sign, you will shift up a gear, feel more content and be a more pleasant person to be around.

Something to try: “If you are trying to recover from something, or replenish yourself. Place a hand on your heart and say to yourself “I give myself my own love”. This is such a powerful statement. I give myself my own love. Some of you will feel it going through the hand back into the heart recycling what it is you send out. A lot of love escapes your body from this point, so send it back in. The heart is a magnet when it is full.”  Lee Harris, Re-Magnetizing the Heart


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