The girl with the golden voice…


Sep 17, 2014 Dancing, Fitness, Music, Video 0 Comments

Maria Rademan does not only enjoy our Dance Fitness classes, she has also embarked on a singing career. She has always had an ear for music. She recently started a music duo, TWEE, with Herman Kleinhans and one cannot help but tap your feet when you listen to their catchy song called “VLOED“. They categorize their music as “folk” due to the fact that their music is very lively.

These two up and coming artists have shared their song on You Tube and Soundcloud . When you watch their video, you can see that she is beaming!

“Sing in the shadows and dance in the night. Give into your dreams, under the moonlight. Let no one ever take your spirit away. For this is the place your heart wants to stay.”

Keep shining your light Maria 🙂



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