Those who want to leave footprints will never fly.


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Those who want to leave footprints will never fly ~ Sadhguru

This quote by Sadhguru really touched my heart. Flying is such a freeing thought. We were all created with the strength and abilities to soar high in the sky. As a little girl, it was my dream to become an ornithologist – I would study birds for hours on end in our beautiful garden. Everyone knew they could find me in the garden – watching birds, spotting tortoises or climbing trees. The birds were mesmerising. I would close my eyes and see myself touching a green emerald pendant that gave me the super powers to fly and see everything from above.

My happy thoughts took a back seat as I stepped into my teenage years- I made myself small and found peace in my world of music, sport and studies. Suddenly I was faced with the tough decision of choosing a career. There was no time for unrealistic dreams and crazy ideas. Your studies had to lead you towards a financially viable career even if it didn’t resonate  within.

As a young student I chose a career that didn’t really feel right. Stepping into a teaching career felt like the path that would fulfill my heart and I quickly decided to change my path. A teaching degree would form a sound foundation to work with people. Looking back, it was the best thing I could have done. It equipped me with the timeless skills that I use until this day.

After years of teaching I never let go of my dreams of flying- even though they were deeply stashed away in my archives I could  still hear their faint heart beat when I danced or touched a child’s life. Dreams come and go. Sometimes they vanish and sometimes they resurface. Well, my dreams of flying came alive again.

Working in a strict corporate environment or structured organisation made me feel stifled. I was not designed for red tape. “Rainbow tape” made more sense:-) It was time to step out and dance to the rhythm of my own beat- leave behind the footprints. Some footprints where uplifting and some were painful, but I thanked each footprint for it made me who I am today.

So what does flying mean? Is it a disappearing act? Does it mean you leave everything behind? Does it mean you are up in the air?

Nope, you simply need to let go of your old beliefs, challenges, fears and doubts- all the things that hold you back and keep you in the past. You  let go of your footprints, remain rooted in the earth, give thanks to all past experiences, take the lessons and reach for the stars with a sense of gratitude and faith.  Through grounding yourself, trusting that you are fully supported and believing that you deserve abundance, you are ready to dust your wings, expand them and open your heart to new opportunities….

At times it will feel daunting, but know in your heart that you will have all the super powers to keep creating a life worth living if you do what you love and love what you do. Are you ready for lift off?

Follow your curiosity and reach for the stars!




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